Tilia cordata Mill. 1768, Gard. Dict. (ed. 8): TIL Tilia no. 1
Tilia cordata Mill. 1768, Gardeners Dictionary (ed. 8): TIL Tilia no. 1
Originalbeschreibung / original description:
"1. TILIA (Cordata) foliis cordatis acuminatis, inaequaliter serratis, fructibus quinquae locularibus tomentosis. Lime-tree with hiaert-shaped acute-pointed leaves, which are unequally fawed, and a woolly fruit having five cells. Tilia foemina, folio minore. C. B. P. 426. The female Lime-tree with a smaller leaf."

4540/13 Zschortau (15.06.2020)
4439/42 Delitzsch (29.06.2020)
4540/13 (ca. 51.471396, 12.360783), Zschortau, Gebüschsaum, 15.06.2020 [Herb.nr. 474]