Cyanus segetum Hill 1762, Veg. syst. 4: 29
Cyanus segetum Hill 1762, The Vegetable System 4: 29
Originalbeschreibung / original description:
"The Leaves are graffy, and have high Ribs.
THIS is an Annual, native of our Corn-fields, and flowers in August. The Stalk is tough, rib'd, and two Foot and a half high; the Leaves are of a dead faint green; The Flowers are blue. In the South of France the Flowers are larger than in our fields; and have usually the outer range of Florets of a different colour from those within; In our Gardens, it grows to the same state and with great variety.
THERE is scarce any vegetable substance in which the Colour is so fixed and permanent as in our Corn Blue-Bottle. It may probably afford a good dye."
Cyanus segetum Hill ist nicht zweifelsfrei gültig.

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