Cuscuta campestris Yunck 1932, Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 18(2): 138
Nordamerikanische Seide
Cuscuta campestris Yunck 1932, Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Club 18(2): 138
Originalbeschreibung / original description:
"Stems medium. Flowers 2-3 mm. long (some specimens may be larger), often glandular, on pedicels mostly shorter than the flowers, in compact, globular clusters. Calyx about enclosing the corolla tube, lobes oval, or shorter an orbicular, or sometimes broader than long, mostly overlapping when young, but not protruding to form angles. Corolla lobes broadly triangular, acute, tips often inflexed, obout equaling the short, campanulate tube. Stames shorter than the lobes, filaments longer than or about equaling, the oval anthers, often more or less subulate. Scales ovate, abundantly fringed, exserted, bridged below the middle. Ovary globose, styles slender or somewhta subundulate. Capsule usually drpressed-globose, with the withered corolla at its base; seed ovate, about 1.5 mm. long, flagttened usually on one side, hilum short, oblong, terminal, transverse."

4439/42 Schenkenberg (01.08.2020)

4439/42 (ca. 51.540333, 12.317729), Delitzsch/Schenkenberg, Blühwiese, an Verbascum densiflorum, 01.08.2020 [ 523]
4439/42 (ca. 51.540333, 12.317729), Delitzsch/Schenkenberg, Blühwiese, an Solidago u. a., 10.08.2020 [ 526]